9:20 am - Saturday July 20, 2019

The World’s Longest Chocolate Train is Stationed in Belgium

We may all know that they like their chocolate in Belgium, but do they like it enough to ride it to work? It’s a sweet proposition that one man has sought to make a reality. Sort of.

While you can’t actually ride it, the world’s longest chocolate train is big. Real big. Big enough to be entered into the Guinness Book of World Records, adding another point of pride to Belgium’s already impressive history with chocolate.

It’s not just the world’s longest chocolate train, but the longest chocolate structure in the world, period. Weighing in at over 2,800 pounds, the train is about 112 feet long, and quite richly detailed to match its flavor.

You probably can’t eat it though, nor would you really want to. If you do fancy yourself posh enough to devour a piece of history, consider that the train is a labor of love by a single artist, Andrew Malta, who spent more than 784 working hours to complete it. That’s going to cost you a pretty penny, though it does look good enough to eat.

Creating art and sculpture with chocolate is a long and time-honored tradition, so I was actually a bit surprised to learn that works of art have not been previously made to a similar size and scope in terms of length. Prior to this the Guinness Book of World Records didn’t even have a category for the longest chocolate structure.

The largest chocolate structure in the world is nowhere near as long, depicting the Kulkulcan Temple of the Chichen Itza, and weighing in at an incredible 18,239 pounds. That’s a whole lot of chocolate.

There are many other categories in the record book, such as the tallest chocolate sculpture, the largest rabbit made of chocolate, and even the largest showcase of chocolate dresses. People certainly love to get creative with cocoa, which perhaps speaks to its versatility as well as its playfulness.

Even though you can’t actually board the chocolate train, it’s a very worthy addition to the world of chocolate sculpture. Here’s hoping the new record category sees some real competition. World’s longest fully operational chocolate miniature railroad, anyone?

The chocolate train was officially entered into the Guinness Book of World Records in Brussels, after judges were able to carefully measure its length and verify that it is made of 100% chocolate.

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