9:45 am - Saturday July 20, 2019

The Chocolate Tourist: Chocolate Videos!


Need a chocolate fix without all the calories? The Chocolate Tourist is a new series of online chocolate videos that’s packed full of chocolate and calorie-free!

(Well, it is until you get a look at all that yummy chocolate and are forced to raid the trail mix in the cupboard so you can pick out all the chocolate chips. Not that anyone around here has ever done that. *cough*)

This series of chocolate videos explores chocolate factories, festivals, and confectionaries around the world with drama and humor. Your host, Valerie Cymes, will no doubt make you jealous as she nibbles her way through some of the world’s finest chocolate.

There are five episodes already available taking viewers to New York City, National Harbor, and Historic Mount Vernon.  The next crop of tours will delve even further into the delights of chocolate-making.  And tasting!  See the rest of the series at www.thechocolatetourist.tv.

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