9:28 am - Saturday July 20, 2019

Hans Burie’s Belgian Chocolate Car

Yes, it’s true! A chocolate car made with 1800 pounds of Belgian chocolate! WOW!

Exactly how much chocolate is that? 1800 pounds is equal to 19,200 bars of Hershey’s 1.5 oz. Chocolate Symphony, or 9,600 bars of Lindt 3 oz. Chocolate (US-size),  or 8,228 bars of Lindt 3 1/2 oz. Chocolate (yes, chocolate bars in Europe are bigger).



The chocolate car is the same size as an actual Opel (European car). A whole new meaning of “Fahrvergnügen”.

5 Chocolatiers were working on this car for 4 weeks, from 7 am until 10 pm.
The car is made with milk, dark, and white Belgium Callebaut chocolate.


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