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Debunking the “Like Water for Chocolate” Myth

Every chocophile chef makes the mistake at least once – and if you’re like me, more than once. You are melting up a couple of squares of chocolate over a double boiler and the boil gets too exuberant and splashes water into the pot ….or you run out of milk and decided to substitute in a tablespoon of water instead. Next thing you know the chocolate that was melting into a beautiful, glossy ribbon of silk is now rock hard, grainy, impossible to do anything with. Your chocolate has “seized”.


The only time I had ever heard the word seized used before this happened to me – outside of a medical situation – was when somebody referred to their engine that had gone with its “Check Oil” light on for months – apparently engines without oil are almost as bad as mixing chocolate and water. Lesson learned.

But now comes word that the whole “don’t ever ever EVER” mix chocolate and water” thing is not true – there’s a recipe floating around the internet that has nothing BUT good quality dark chocolate and water, and it yields a fabulous chocolate mousse! The idea of sacrificing a high-quality bar to a recipe that sounds questionable was daunting, but the idea of a two-ingredient dessert where one ingredient comes from the tap balanced out my fear. The good news is: it’s great!

The recipe is as simple as you would imagine considering the dearth of ingredients – in fact, the chocolate has the purest possible taste. But you can dress it up by switching out your chocolates, adding flavorings or liqueurs, or decorating the final product with fresh fruit, whipped cream, chocolate curls or whatever your heart desires.

Try this once and it will become your go to dessert – especially when you have last minute company and nothing in the cabinets but your favorite chocolate bar!

9 oz bar good quality dark chocolate
3 oz water, brought to a boil
(1 Tablespoon of your favorite liqueur if you’d like)

The equipment for this recipe is equally simple; you need a saucepan, two mixing bowls, and a whisk or electric hand mixer, whichever you prefer. Fill one of the mixing bowls with ice water and set the other one on top of it so that the bottom of the top bowl is actually touching the cooling solution. Bring your three ounces of water to a boil and add your chocolate and liqueur. Stir until melted, then pour it into the top bowl. Whisk or mix away until it reaches a creamy consistency. If you go too far and your work product becomes grainy, no worries – just heat it up a bit and then start whisking again.


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