7:53 pm - Thursday March 21, 2019

Breathable Chocolate Promises a Unique Cocoa Experience

No matter how much you love chocolate, your cravings have likely never included the urge to actually breathe the stuff. Or have they? Apparently the market is out there, because a French company called Le Whif has stepped in to offer a line of chocolate products consumers can inhale rather than eat.

The products are akin only in theory to electronic cigarettes, which have themselves seen great popularity with a large number of users growing by the day. However, Le Whif is targeting chocolate lovers rather than actively pursuing current or former cigarette smokers.

There is no nicotine involved, and these inhalable chocolate treats are claimed to be completely harmless. It’s hard to imagine that inhaling anything but oxygen could be well received by the lungs, but that is the promise being made by the company and a lot of people are getting behind the idea.

The Le Whif website even shows children using these little chocolate inhalers, to drive home the point that these are meant to be harmless and fun treats, not cigarette replacements. Though, the package they come in suggests they are at least a little interested in the smoking market as well.

They even offer a selection of inhalable vitamins, which are not only harmless, but actually good for the people who use them. If you don’t like to take your vitamins or you have trouble getting your kids to cooperate with that experience, breathable vitamins may be a new alternative to consider.

Their coffee and chocolate inhalers are more likely to be their customer favorites, but that’s assuming people can get past negative connotations with inhaled substances. No matter the form factor or supposed health benefits, I can see that a lot of people would feel very strange about trying these out for themselves.

Another of the selling points is that the product contains zero calories, which is a very difficult thing to do with a flavor as rich and decadent as chocolate. If you can really get a full-flavored experience with absolutely no guilt, it begins to make a lot of sense.

It’s still more likely to be the sort of thing you try at a party, or even at the office when a co-worker shows up with a few of them to pass around. You really have to try it to be convinced, or be willing to spend a few dollars on your curiosity. It’s certainly not a product a large number of people are going to immediately grasp without having checked it out first-hand.

This begs the question though: Was anybody complaining about having to eat chocolate? Of all things, I don’t think there are too many people out there who love chocolate but hate that they have to savor it in their mouths.

Le Whif may end up relegated to the status of a curious novelty item, at least for the time being, but it could catch on if the experience of breathing chocolate truly stands up to the old fashioned method of delivery.

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