10:07 am - Saturday July 20, 2019

Are Chocolate Diamonds a Girl’s Best Friend?

We’re coming up on that romantic time of year …. Of course isn’t any time of year a romantic time of year when you’re in love? I know it is for me! Still, hearts and roses and diamond ads are popping up all over the place, so it’s time to talk about some jewelry that’s been popping up in a lot of the chain store ads … chocolate diamonds. Sounds like the best of all possible things, right? What could be better than a fabulous jewel in our favorite flavor?


Well, the truth is, that depends on what you’re looking for. If you want something that is unique and that has been chosen specifically because of your love of the best in bittersweet, then you can’t really find anything that’s more perfect or personal. But if your preference in jewelry goes to the high quality, flawless, truly valuable, then chocolate is probably something you should stick to as a flavor rather than something to wear on your finger.

Chocolate diamonds are a more appealing name for brown diamonds. Another pretty way of putting it is to call them cognac diamonds, which are a shade or two lighter than the cognac, but still officially brown. Some are brown by nature, some have the color added afterwards. The color-added diamonds have less value, and are generally made from diamonds that start off as being of lower quality to begin with. This is because the color that is added can hide any imperfections in a stone that is originally whiter in color, and we all know that the more imperfections a diamond has, the less costly it is.
Of course, cost and value are in the eye of the beholder. If you love chocolate so much that you want to have a sparkler that reminds you of that decadent delight, by all means, go for it! There are a couple of things that you can keep in mind to assure you a slightly higher quality – namely, remember that the lighter the brown color is (and the closer to a cognac color), the more light and sparkle you are going to get out of the stone. When the jewelers who create the chocolate stones add the color, they add more color to those stones that have a greater number of occlusions and flaws. So the lighter the chocolate color, the better the stone was to begin with and the more brilliance and flash you will get out of it.


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